The Road to Rampage ends here

After months of Rampage prep, Strait, Lacondeguy and van Steenbergen arrive on site

It’s go time. In the fifth episode of Road to Rampage (watch it above), Kyle Strait, Andreu Lacondeguy and Tom van Steenbergen finally make their treks to Utah and arrive at the brand-new 2014 Red Bull Rampage venue. It’s a blank canvas for the riders this year and they waste no time laying out their lines down the mountain.

With a heavy build schedule in front of them, however, it’s important to spend time on the bikes as well. Andreu puts in some shuttle runs on King Kong with fellow Rampage competitor Robbie Bourdon, and Tom breaks up the shovel time with some action at the original Rampage venue.

Back on site, Tom eyes up the new canyon gap, wary of its treacherous run-in. “We’re hoping to just build a unique line into it,” he says. “It’s going to be pretty friggin’ steep and gnarly, but if we make it not-sketchy, it should work.”

Since he traveled from Spain, Andreu had a challenge putting a build crew together, but luckily linked up with a powerhouse Utah local to tackle his ambitious line. “I got pretty much the biggest dude on the hill,” Andreu says. “It’s just like, ‘Hey man, I need a landing there,’ and he just goes with a shovel and digs it in like ten seconds, it’s pretty sick.”

Look for the final Road to Rampage episode on Thursday, October 2.

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