Videos: Rampage qualifier highlights

Four of the top runs from Rampage qualifiers

With the finals only hours away, and all the excitement literally buzzing in the air, we rounded up four of the top qualifying runs going into the finals. The live broadcast can be viewed here:
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Graham Agassiz’s wild Rampage qualifying run
Graham Agassiz rockets to the top of the qualifying results with this crazy run. Unfortunately, he injured his knee later in practice and will not be competing in the finals.

Tom van Steenbergen qualifying run 1

Watch Tom van Steenbergen’s first run from the qualifying round of Red Bull Rampage 2014.

Rrett Rheeder qualifying run 1
Watch Brett Rheeder’s first run from the qualifying round of Red Bull Rampage.

Szymon Godziek qualifying run 1
Godziek backflips the canyon gap!


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