In this episode of “This is Peaty,” Steve Peat chases after Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland on the World Cup Méribel downhill track in Méribel, France. This weekend is the last race of the season and every second counts, with all of the top contenders in the men’s field within striking distance of each another.

Heading into the weekend, here are the top-five leaders in the overall:

1. Troy Brosnan, 1474 points
2. Josh Bryceland, 1467 points
3. Samuel Blenkinsop, 1407 points
4. Gee Atherton, 1286 points
5. Greg Minnar, 1132 points

Emmeline Ragot, 2280 points
Rachel Atherton, 1990 points
Manon Carpenter, 1959 points
Tracey Hannah, 1251 points
Myriam Nicole, 1251