Winter Break, featuring Chromag Bikes’ Jarrett Moore

Slashing loam, hucking rocks and steezin' tables in Victoria, British Columbia

Filmed & Edited by Rupert Walker

“Nothing beats Vancouver Island during the winter. I had a few weeks off school and was able to head back to Victoria to do some filming and riding during my Winter Break. School has always been important but nothing beats getting home and back to my local zones to ride. I had put off doing the last two clips in this video for just about a year. The first one being the three-drop which I crashed on quite hard last winter and broke my fork. The last stunt I just never finished until recently. Time off can be a bit of a blessing in disguise sometimes, in this case it gave me a fresh perspective of how to approach these two lines. Thanks to Chromag, MyPakage, and Oak Bay Bikes for their continued support. Looking forward to a good 2014." –Jarrett Moore