Why do We Ride?

Ibis founder, Scot Nicol, gives his spin in this new video from Kitsbow

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Apparel maker, Kitsbow, recently launched a video series entitled, #whyMTB which digs for the truth beneath the simple question: Why do we ride?

For their first episode Kitsbow sought out Scot Nicol, founder of Ibis Cycles, because as they so aptly put it, “Who else would know more about mountain biking’s meaning than one of its very pioneers?”

Feel like learning more about Scot Nicol and the history of Ibis Cycles? You’re in luck–we put the guy on stage for an hour and got all VH1 StoryTeller with the man also known as “Chuck Ibis”. Check out the video and photo gallery from our first Founders Event with Nicol right here.