Whistler Homegrown – Chromag Bikes

Showcasing the iconic Chromag brand, what what it means to the BC locals.

Source: Tourism Whistler
In this day and age the idea of “local” means more than ever. Why buy/ride/support/eat/use products that come from the other side of the world when you can find better stuff right here at home?

Chromag bikes opened in 2003, first making bike frames but quickly moving onto other compents like stems, handlebars, saddles, seat posts, quick releases, chain rings and more. The company designs and tests its products in Whistler, B.C., and use local machinists and welders to create bikes and parts that combine reliability and performance as well as anything on the market.

Riding a Chromag frame or component is like a badge of honour for any local Whistler rider. Check out the video above where Chromag owner Ian Ritz talks about the joys of riding in Whistler and why mountain bikers are so in love with their machines.