Van Life 2

A man, his van and the pursuit of singletrack

Video by and courtesy of Maxwell Frank

A man and his van, roaming the countryside…. Unless you are a 1970s crime-solving superhero (they all seemed to roam America in vans, meting out justice while aided by chimpanzee sidekicks…if you lived through the `70s, you know what I’m talking about here) that premise generally doesn’t lead to a happy ending. The man-and-his-van storyline has become the domain of serial killers, broken marriages and poor life choices.

Unless, of course, you are Ryan Gardner. Gardner is a Kona Supergrass rider who travels around the United States in his van to race his mountain bike professionally. This video features Knapps Castle trail in the backcountry of Santa Barbara, California.

This is the rare man-and-his-van story with a cheery conclusion. Enjoy.