Trials Riding in Three Styles

New video from czechoslovakia highlights very different styles of trials riding

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The premise of this video is pretty simple: highlight the three top Czech trials riders on their three very different machines and showcase there common love for a style of riding that rarely gets its proper dues. The project is being called “ALL WE TOGETHER”, which probably makes more sense when uttered in a romance language.

Martin Matejicek, (the 17-year old on the trials motorcycle) is one of the top 10 world trials riders on 125.

Vasek Kolar, is a 21-year old bike trials rider and is the five-time world champion as well as world vicechampion in Elite category for 2012.

The unicycle rider is 23-year old Adam Gerza. Gerza is one of the best uni riders in Europe, though this probably doesn’t stop motorists from throwing beer cans at him while he’s out training. Unicyclists are scorned the world over–it’s one of the few truly universal phenomenon.