Trans Savoie 2014 Day 5

The fifth day on the Trans Savoie introduced riders to yet another kind of terrain and trails: Roots and more roots down flowing, sweeping channels in dense woodland trying riders’ skills on the signature Beaufortain trails. They faced challenges on six separate stages, including a special lift to enable a separate hill to be raced and ridden. The final stage compromised a dramatic footpath with multiple levels and ended in the stunning town of Beaufort, which promptly triggered a mass booze-stop at the local bars and cafes.

The fastest riders completed the day with a combined race time of over 35 minutes, with most of the faster-paced trails taking between five and ten minutes on the clock. Although WTB’s Gary Forrest, at home on the steep rooty slopes, was fastest on several stages today and close to winning on the day overall, once again Polygon’s Jamie Nicoll proved his might with a consistently fast pace, taking the day’s win.

Full results:

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