This is Peaty – Episode 2 – 2012

Follow Steve Peat as he races a UK National race, rides with Guy Martin and battles it out at the World Cup.

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Source: Steel City Media

Fuelled by Monster Energy, Episode 2 takes you from the first SPS training day down at UK Bike Park, preparing the team for the first British National round at Comb Sydenham.

After a long haul up the M6, straight through the night on Sunday, Steve met up with the guys from, to shoot the first in the new series of ‘Mojo Trail Diaries’

This wasn’t your ordinary shoot, because the legend himself, Guy Martin was in tow, along with Joe Barnes and Andy Mckenna. Every season managed to hit them in 2 days… but it all made for good tv as you’ll see.

It felt like Round 1 all over again at Val Di Sole. With such a long break, every rider came out swinging on a loose,loamy and rough track. Tonnes of causalities all week, made it feel like more of a battle for survival, than going for the win.

A solid run left Steve in 15th come finals, placing him 10th overall heading into Round 3 at Fort William…

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