This is Peaty–Episode 1, Season Two

Beards, slabs of beef and the requisite off-season-training montage

2012 was full of highs and lows for Peaty…

Coming into the off season, he was looking for that extra edge, something to get him back on track for the upcoming season.

That edge turned out to be his beloved beard, with a serious growth even God himself would have been stoked on. With his new found ambition, he felt the urge for a sudden epic montage, taking in some of Sheffield’s finest urban training sights, including everyone’s favorite race food, Nandos.

As you can imagine though, his wife wasn’t best pleased and the kids were starting to ask ‘Where’s dad?’, so it was time to tame the beast, by heading into a classic barber shop in his hometown of Sheffield.

The off season comes and goes quicker than a wheel size and this year was no exception. Before you knew it, Peaty and the Syndicate were traveling to La Fenasosa Bike Park in Spain to get some serious test time with Fox Shox, setting the bikes up for the new season, while taking in the rest of the park’s amazing trails and whipping up a storm…at least until one of them crashes hard.