The Story Behind Bontrager’s Latest Tire

Designer Frank Stacy collaborates with Aaron Gwin to create the G5

By Vernon Felton

There was a time, not so long ago, when Bontrager tires had a reputation for, how do the French say it? Sucking ass? Yes, that’s it. Sucking ass.

True, there were exceptions to the general suckiness rule, but it’s fair to say that we rode generations of Bontrager tires while wishing we were riding Specialized or Maxxis or Continental or just about any other tire on planet earth.

In the summer of 2010, however, Bontrager teamed up with renowned motocross, ATV and bicycle tire designer, Frank Stacy, to design their new line of treads. End result? Bontrager tires… not sucking so much anymore. In fact, we’ve been downright impressed by quite a few of the Stacy-designed models. Kudos to Bontrager and Stacy.

One of the latest tires in the massively revamped fold is the G5–a tire that Stacy built with input from top riders, including two-time World Cup champ, Aaron Gwin. Check out the video for the story behind the loop of rubber.