Courtesy of Anthill Films

We’ve covered Anthill Films’ NotBad several times on this site. There’s a reason for that–it’s a hell of a movie. Here, in fact, is our review of NotBad.

What did it take to actually produce the movie? A whole lot of people and a hell of a lot of work. Here’s where I insert Anthill’s own text….

“Have you ever noticed how long the lists of people are in the end credits of a movie? Even a short film can have hundreds of names… it’s hard to wrap your mind around all those individual contributions. But that’s what it takes. There wouldn’t be movies without small armies working behind the scenes trying bring them into being.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But mountains are just mountains until people come together and shape them into a premiere riding destination. And so while the terrain in Queenstown was amazing, it was the people who made this whole movie truly come to life.”