Far off the beaten path of typical downhill courses, the Inca Avalanche starts out at an elevation of nearly 15,000 feet above sea level and descends an outstanding course over traditional Incan roads and paths to the finish line five thousand feet below.

The Inca Avalanche is a mass start enduro style downhill mountain bike race. It is not broken down into different stages but rather is one continuous run from the start to the finish line – about 5,900 vertical feet of descending over approximately 25 minutes depending on your level of shred.

Saturday June 1st is the Qualifier – one run to determine starting position for the Finals on Sunday June 2nd. One hundred and fifty+ racers are expected and are typically lined up in 10 rows of racers 15 riders wide. Race place is determined by a point system.

There are two Final runs on Sunday. The winner of each final is awarded a number of points equal to the number of starting riders (for example, 150). The second place finisher would receive one point less, for example 149, and so on. The highest number of points after the two Finals will win the Inca Avalanche trophy.