The Future–Anthony Messere

Will the 16-year old repeat last year's standout performance at the Red Bull Joyride?

By Vernon Felton

Anthony Messere (at right) came out of nowhere last year and battled his way to the podium against a massive field of seasoned veterans.

The future? It’s a lot to lay on the shoulders of one 16-year old, but Anthony Messere’s proven he’s up to the challenge. Last year he came into the Red Bull Joyride as an alternate. No wait, make that a gangly, little-known 15-year old alternate…and he took third; besting some of the biggest names in mountain biking along the way.

Can Messere repeat that level of performance this year? Will he fare even better, now that he’s got even more experience under his belt? There’s no telling, but if his run from last year (see below) is any indication, this kid might truly be the future.