Every spring when we head back out for the first rides of the season, we look at familiar trails with a fresh perspective. So to with “DreamRide.” Take a fresh look at scenes from all three films packed into one final edition, “DreamRide—A Trilogy.”

As they say, every great ride has to come to an end, or is it a place where the next will begin? Til next time, old friend.

From producer, director and star, Mike Hopkins:

“The DreamRide series began with a simple idea: Take a childhood book filled with adventure, discovery, excitement, uncertainty, strange and far-off lands … and bring it to life … Turns out simple, ain’t easy. At the end of the day, an idea remains an idea until someone puts in the work, takes that lightbulb of inspiration, builds it out, and brings it to life. You could say ideas and execution live on different poles of the same planet, and it takes one hell of a team to connect them.

We set out to create an experience with enough relatable context that anyone could picture themselves within the folds of the story, in the same way a book makes a reader feel like a character.

From the get-go, this was a “we” not a “me” project. Counterintuitive to the hero structure of sport, the focal point of this series was never going to be the athlete. I was merely the vehicle to take audiences through the story. This approach enabled the series to exist both within the industry and beyond. So, naturally, we’re pretty stoked with how it all turned out and the opportunities that lie ahead!”

Watch the full videos:

DreamRide I

DreamRide II

DreamRide III

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Mike Hopkins



Juicy Studios Mike Hopkins



Scott Secco Ryan Gibb Jordan Manley David Peacock Andre Nutini


Additional Cinematography:

John Colthorpe Axel Fostvedt



Bruno Long



Lacy Kemp



Juicy Studios / Scotty Carlson