The Best Colnagos of All Time

One iconic brand's stroll through skinny-tire history

Video by Global Cycling Network

Perhaps you need to be a bit of a bike geek to appreciate this one… If you live for hucking, fat air and the like, go ahead and click onto a bike review or a video of someone getting rad (we've got plenty of both).

What you have here, by contrast, is a meander through the world's "best" Colnagos. There's the Pope's gold-plated bike, Franco Ballerini's Paris Roubaix-winning C40 (with mud and goop from the Hell of the North still slathered all over the bike…a nice touch), Eddy Merckx's one-hour record mule (well, his "spare", though someone has clearly ridden the piss out of it) and more. Few brands have had the impact on cycling that Colnago has. If you have room in your heart for skinny tires, check this one out.