Strength in Numbers–the Whistler Segment

By Vernon Felton

There are people who say that Whistler is over-hyped, inflated and just flat out the most over-rated place on earth. Those people have never been to Whistler. There are few places–never mind British Columbia now, we’re talking about on the whole of Planet Earth–that are home to this much great riding.

Think we’re talking out of arse? Check out this Whistler segment from Anthill’s latest film, Strength in Numbers. The film cooperative aimed to capture not just the riding in Whistler, but the community of riders who call this place home.

Strength in Numbers is a new community film project from Anthill Films and Red Bull Media House. Strength in Numbers is being made available for all mountain bikers to experience through free online streaming of individual segments. Anthill's vision is to create the potential for every mountain biker in the world to be able to see and share the film.

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