The privateer experience isn't at all what we think of as professional racing. Yet in in reality, most of the racers strapped to number boards at nearly any given race around the world are there on their own dime, simply because they love racing. The Rooted team is a trio of young American downhill racers; Austin Hackett-Klaube, Wiley Kaupas and Harrison Ory, who are racing for all of the right reasons. They may not have the factory pits or the custom gear, but they certainly have a love for racing and a whole lot of fun.

In Episode 2 of the Rooted series, the crew heads to the Pro GRT at Port Angeles, Washington, where things get silly, slippery, and just silly slippery. Wiley ends up in 33rd, Harrison slides into 19th and Austin continues to hone his team mom skills as he recovers from injury. Check out all of the action above, and stay tuned for Episode 3.

The very Northwest corner of the United States…

Port Angeles, Washington – Stop two of the 2019 US Pro Gravity Race Tour.