The Roost Carbon pokes fun at mountain biking’s constantly changing “standards” with 28-inch wheels, a 13-speed 11-53 tooth cassette, a 1500 millimeter wheelbase for “prone” geometry, 188mm dropout spacing and a massive BB shell. According to Ridiculous Bikes, these standards are “all not patented and free for use by all drunkards.”

Disclaimer from Ridiculous Bikes:
This full 3D video was not meant to diss anyone or discourage change in the MTB industry, there are no affiliations to Club Roost products and the video was created for fun in one afternoon after an awesome trail ride! Cheers.

188mm Dropout Spacing, 1500mm Wheelbase and general proportion shown in the video is to scale.
Original 3D model was derived from Grabcad’s J. Deschamps and was heavily modified, setup, textured and remodeled by Patrick Ng.


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