It’s not a race, right?

Competition among friends plays out as these ladies cross lines on some fun looking trails.

From Cat Topham:
I’ve always thought there was a unique relationship between friends who also race. As mountain bikers we meet some of our closest friends on the racetrack. Practicing together, sharing tips on lines, setups and the best kit to make ourselves go as fast as we dare at the same time as secretly gauging the other person’s speed and form.

When the countdown starts we want nothing more than to beat each other to the finish line, yet we celebrate equally happily whoever emerges victorious. The women’s category in pretty much any MTB race discipline epitomises both this close bond and fierce rivalry as the group is so small. There may be only 10 ladies to 300 men at any given event.

It’s not a race, right? from Cat Topham on Vimeo.