Endless Dreamy European A-Line

9-minute-long POV by three riders on an obscure trail-jump-line track in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

This hypnotic POV video – for the fact that this looks like one of the funnest jump-trail tracks in the world – is making its rounds around Facebook this week. It took a little digging, but we found the original YouTube post and some info on the location. It’s located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, a 35-minute train ride from the capital city Bern. This is the caption on the video: “Rainy foggy day but good fun on our never finished local track. From the top to the bottom! Black: Christian the German Grey: Nils Winner Correvon Red: Maël Pomme de Terre Patate Music by The Cramps.”

So it seems these boys are the first to finish it from top to bottom. Not only that they filmed a tight POV that will leave you frothing at the mouth. Enjoy. We sure did.