POV of Andreu Lacondeguy’s winning run

Relive the wild ride

He wanted the title like no other competitor of Red Bull Rampage 2014. Three times in a row he missed the podium despite good performances and finished fourth. Now the time was right to break the Rampage curse. The Catalan rider had prepared for the mountain bike event of the year like a maniac: there was not a single day that passed by when the athlete from Barcelona didn't train on his big bike.

Bigger, higher, wider; that's how you can describe Lacondeguy's riding style best. Prepared like this, the huge gaps and canyons in Utah's desert didn’t seem to frighten him at all. Smooth and speedy, packed with lots of jumps and whips, Lacondeguy shredded down his line and impressed judges as well as spectators. With a 95.25 score he raised the bar so high, that he couldn't be beaten by any of the 19 other riders.

"I am super happy to be finally on the podium", Andreu commented. "This whole week was just super crazy – building the line, stress with the weather, the wind. Now I am just stoked, that everything turned out like I wanted it to!"

Relive Andreu Lacondeguy’s winning run in the POV above and highlight video below:

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