Pierre Edouard Ferry: Red Bull Rampage 2013 Day 2

See Pierre Edouard Ferry dig, ride and get philosophical at Rampage.

This isn’t the first Rampage rodeo for Pierre, a.k.a. PEF. He firmly explains his build strategy this way: “You have to stay on Earth, not so much on the moon.” Although the characteristics of the dirt may suggest Rampage is on another planet, it is important to remember our human limitations. In summation: keep it real.

Watch PEF keep it real with shovel work and ride time on his qualifying line for Red Bull Rampage 2013.

Watch the world’s best riders ride the gnar of Red Bull Rampage during the live webcast of the finals on October 13, 2013, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the official Red Bull Rampage site.