Who is faster–a peregrine falcon or Gee Atherton?

If you’ve ever watched Animal Planet, you know there’s no contest here. Unless Atherton can suddenly increase his top speed by 300 percent, your average Falcon can sit around on a couch for six months watching chicken porn and downing sixers of High Life, and still make the downhill mountain biking ace look positively geriatric.

So in case I’ve been mincing my words, let’s just be clear–the premise of this video is ridiculous…and yet I watched the thing twice. Okay, three times.


Red Bull makes some really great videos. No denying it. The footage is fantastic. A Falcon cam? Seriously? On second thought–hell, yeah! Falcon cam rocks. The dialogue and character development? Again, it’s a falcon dive bombing Gee Atherton’s head as he rips down a muddy track somewhere in the UK. Compelling narrative is not a prerequisite here.

Red Bull could pretty much film Gee Atherton eating a bull of Cheerios and I’d watch it. Well played, soda maker.