New Danny MacAskill Clip

YouTube Sensation Takes on San Francisco

By Vernon Felton

The term “YouTube sensation” gets tossed around a lot and has become nearly meaningless in an era when just about everyone has a neighbor whose cat has become a minor celebrity following its much-viewed “Super Cute Kitty chases ball of yarn” video.

There is one mountain biker, however, who deserves the “YouTube sensation” title and that’s Danny MacAskill, who posted a 6 minute and 30-second clip on YouTube in 2009 that quickly racked up more than 28 million views. Sponsorships, awards and appearances on both T.V. and the big screen soon followed and well, you can now check out any number of trials-riding videos that will leave you feeling like you don’t know how to ride a bike at all. Here, in fact, is the latest such footage in which MacAskill performs an astounding number of very cool moves in a very brief span of time. Prepare to be humbled.