Mojo Trail Diaries Part Two

Weir, Barel and company continue their Moroccan expedition

The Mojo crew have taken Mark Weir and Fabien Barel to Morocco to explore the boundaries of the 'Mojo Trail Diary' philosophy. For part 2 of the Morocco trip they really get into the backwaters of the Moroccan Atlas. The lads learn a lot about the 'Rocc' in Morocco (no comforting, deep loam berms here!) and about the best way to build a trail out here. It turns out that the mules have bedded in some of the most awesome trails in the mountains – they have put in awesome curves, switchbacks, steep pitches and off camber contouring sections without having ever perused an IMBA trailbuilding guide. Smart mules!

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Mojo Trail Diary, Morocco | Part 2 Ft. Fabien Barel & Mark Weir from Eyesdown Films on Vimeo.