For most of us, bikes aren’t a necessity. They may feel that way–a day without riding can feel like torture–but most of us don’t rely on a bike to feed our family, to bring home a paycheck or to simply survive. If you’re reading this from the comfy confines of the first world, bikes are a “value added” sort of proposition. It’s different in more desperate corners of the world.

The non-profit World Bicycle Relief aims to change peoples’ lives for the better by providing them with bikes. World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 by F.K. Day and Leah Missbach Day in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. By partnering with aid organizations in Sri Lanka the non-profit distributed more than 24,000 bicycles, empowering survivors. Today, World Bicycle Relief has assembly facilities in six African countries and bikes on the ground in 13 countries across Africa, and Southeast Asia.

This video does a good job of showing what a difference mobilizing people can truly make.

If you make a donation to World Bicycle Relief through December 31, it will be matched dollar for dollar. Donate today