Each fall, the jaws of many Rampage fans remain on the ground long after the crowds have left Virgin and the dust has settled on freeride’s Super Bowl. Undoubtedly, the cliffs were conquered and groundbreaking moves were laid down by the best riders in the world. But each year, there are always a few lines left unridden and a few riders left unfulfilled. Slightly overambitious dig projects, ill-timed sickness, or just bodies too tired from two weeks of moving mountains… Rampage is the greatest show on two wheels, but somewhere, someone is always left wondering, “what if there was more time?”

‘Mesa’ is a pretty damn good argument for more time. Perhaps more similar to an X-Games Real Snow or Real Moto contest than Rampage finals, it’s an absolutely mind-blowing example of what happens when you put riders like Tom Van Steenburgen and Ethan Nell in the desert, take away the pressure, and give them the time they need to make their wildest ideas come true.

Video by Calvin Huth and Peter Jamison.