If you remember the CrossMax Enduro model from a few years back, well, these wheels only bear the same name–it’s a completely different beast. The new CrossMax Enduro is designed to provide the bomber durability and stiffness required for aggressive descents with the light and snappy ride of a wheelset that’d be an asset on long, all-day pedals.

In a sense, the new CrossMax Enduro is a bit like a combination of the current CrossMax SX front wheel and the CrosssMax ST rear wheel, though there’s some new lacing patterns at play here and, of course, the wheels also come in 650b flavors.

What’s more, Mavic has designed an all-conditions tire specifically designed to make sweet, sticky, traction-boosting love to the dirt.

Are the new wheels all that they are cracked up to be? We’ll have to beat on them for a season before we offer up any judgement, but this video recounts the R&D process and the engineers’ goals for the new wheelset. Enjoy.