Ludo May & His Bike–Episode 1 “Ricochet”

Enduro racer, Ludo May, is rolling out a video series of his own; the first installment of which debuted today. Here it is–fresh off the press, so to speak (that would probably make more sense if videos were in fact made on old fashioned printing presses…).

What’s it all about? Ludo is sort of coy on the whole rationale for his new series. Either that or my French really sucks and is making a very clear declaration sound sort of obscure. Could go either way.

Says Ludo, “In short, I’m going to give you the complete history of this thing, but it’s not really the desire to work with traditional mountain biking imagery that gave birth to this video “ricochet”. It is simply the desire to work freely with people I love and whose talent and personality I respect.”

Okay. One thing is clear–the man can ride on water. Watch the video, it’ll make more sense…