Video: Luca Cometti’s Home Turf

A multi-discipline San Diego shred in all-time conditions

Video: Brock VanHeel, Photos: Jake VanHeel

At the BIKE HQ in San Diego County, we’re always happy to see successful yet down-to-earth riders emerge from the local scene. Luca Cometti is one of those riders that has managed to parlay his skills on all kinds of bikes to achievements on the world stage, particularly in the recently revitalized San Diego specialty: dual slalom. Cometti has been ripping the SoCal dust since he was just a gravity grom, and put in a stint on the Downhill World Cup circuit as a member of Intense Factory Racing. More recently though, he’s established himself as a regular fixture in the later stages of Crankworx brackets across the globe, as the series has put a heightened spotlight on precision bike skills and head-to-head racing in both pumptrack and dual slalom events.

Check out the video above as Cometti reflects on his career so far, and revels in ultimate dirt conditions at his training spots across San Diego.

Photo Credit: Brock VanHeel, Photos
Primo SoCal conditions.
Photo Credit: Brock VanHeel, Photos
Cometti cruises while Brock VanHeel captures.

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