FEST series—Graham Agassiz reunion highlight video

Highlight video from the first stop of the FEST series at Aggy's reunion at Kamloops

FEST series – Aggy’s reunion highlight video from fest series on Vimeo.

The video from the first stop of the FEST series highlighted top industry riders including Andreu Lacondeguy, Thomas Vanderham, Tyler McCaul, Ryan Howard, Matty Miles, Matt Hunter and of course, Graham “Aggy” Agassiz.

“The FEST is all about riding and filming in the perfect conditions, not having to depend on a time schedule or event organizers that make their own rules,” said Agassiz. “The aim is to be riding the best big-bike freeride jumps, spots, trails and produce the realest videos and photos expressing freeride MTB in its purest way.”

The event was created by six riders: Agassiz, Lacondeguy, Makken Haugen, Kurt Sorge, Nick Pescetto and Nico Vink.

The next FEST series stop will be at the Hillybilly Hookfest in Norway, hosted by Haugen.