Enduro | A Bike Movie 3 – Episode #6

Nico Vouilloz and his 12-year old padawan, Thibaut Daprela

10-time Downhill World Champion, Nicolas Vouilloz earned the nickname “ET” because his riding was so otherworldly. He didn’t just win a lot of races–he won them by otherworldly margins. The man dominated downhill until he got bored and simply stopped to try something more challenging for him (rally car racing).

It’s been a decade since Nico’s last title, but he returned a few years back, primarily to enduro style races. Now he’s also cultivating the next generation of rider.

Watch this video and marvel that the second rider, Thibaut Daprela, is just 12, freaking years old. How fast will this kid be when he’s the ripe old age of 17?