Video: Elements (Of Luxury)

Invent yourself, then reinvent yourself.

Elements (Of Luxury) – A short film by Tommy Wilkinson.

“Being fortunate enough to have the safety net of furlough while most film shoots have been postponed, I’ve been going through archival footage and seeing what I can come up with. I give myself 3 hours in total to do these cuts from end to end, so the footage might be B roll, test shots, stuff that wasn’t perfect etc…but has to fit the idea somehow.

I started with Dreams – a reflection on the early stages of lockdown and this time, using recycled footage shot in Scotland between 2017-2019 I’ve came up with this; Elements (of luxury).

It’s an attempt to highlight that luxury, to me at least, isn’t material wealth or the latest super bike. It’s being able to access the natural world through two wheels and take a role in preserving it, restoring it back to wilderness where possible through charity volunteering and making an effort to understand its nuance, systems and interdependencies.

That is a luxury I certainly don’t take for granted and being able to ride in the amazing places that Scotland offers, or even just explore on foot at times, with friends, is always a worthwhile endeavour whatever the weather.” – Tommy Wilkinson


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