“The Death of Post Office”

The Aptos Post Office was a spot where some of the industry’s best riders came up, and it has had an undeniable influence on the mountain bike world. “The Death of Post Office” is a short film by Alex Reveles contrasting the plowing of the jumps with some of the best moments from when they were still running.

Flip through our feature story on the Post Office.

"Post Office was where we all met our best friends, created careers and influenced the youth of today. We had as much fun as we could riding and digging. I would like to thank everyone that came out the last week and showed their support and love for dirt jumping. The spirit of Post lives on and will never die." - Alex Reveles

Show some support to the local riders of Aptos by signing up here to help relocate the Post Office jumps.

Filmed by Alex Reveles, James Hall & Kyle Jameson.
Edited by Alex Reveles.
Music: The Funeral by Band Of Horses / Society by Eddie Vedder.
Thumbnail photo by Pierre Tardif.