Danny MacAskill Imaginate Trailer

New video series starring MacAskill to launch on April 16th

“Imaginate” is a new six-part series that will take you inside Danny MacAskill’s mind as he prepares for his most ambitious project so far. Episode 1 will go live on April 16th at redbull.com/imaginate

If you’ve somehow slept through the past five or six years and don’t know who the hell MacAskill is, he’s the Scottish trials rider who has been soundly blowing minds since he posted a clip of his riding on Youtube that had so many people clicking “play” that it damn near broke the Internet.

The new Red Bull series looks promising. If the trailer is any indication, Imaginate will not only cover the typical bike-porn action, but also the human cost of pushing the limits. MacAskill’s body is, to put it gently, a wreck. Can he continue to take the pounding? This rider’s future is uncertain and yet MacAskill’s been given a blank sheet of paper and the funding to do something amazing. Yeah, no pressure, right?

Tune in on April 16th and, in the meantime, check out the trailer above.