Here’s a short video we put together to give you a taste of the new Trigger 29er. We wanted to get the 29er version of Cannondale’s Trigger, right from the get-go, but the bike wasn’t available back in October when we were creating our annual gear guide (The Bible of Bike Tests).

We wound up testing the 26-inch wheeled version of the Trigger in our gear guide issue. Despite some initial reservations, we (check out this review) were fairly impressed. The 26er version of the Trigger has a lot going for it….still, every tester in our group wanted to ride the wagon-wheeled version and compare the two.

All of which explains why we editors at Bike have been stalking, lurking and harrassing Cannondale’s representatives at every turn in an effort to get our hands on the 29er version.

It paid off. We now have a Trigger 29er and will be showcasing it in the pages of Bike. In the meantime, here’s a quick preview of the Cannondale Trigger 29er. Murray Washburn (Cannondale’s global product manager) gives us the grand tour of the bike and the latest Lefty fork.