Building a Carbon Frame

From lay up to molding to applying clear-coat--this is what it takes to build one of Scott's carbon bikes

By Vernon Felton
Video courtesy of Scott

Carbon fiber is an interesting material in that so many people want a bike made of the stuff, yet most people haven’t a clue as to how a carbon bike is actually made.

It’s both odd and and yet completely sensible–carbon fiber frames (when carefully constructed) offer tremendous weight, strength and stiffness advantages and yet no material is so shrouded in mystery: consumers really haven’t been given much of a look behind the curtain, so to speak.

….which is why I found this particular video interesting.

This is one of the few out there that really shows the basics of frame building with composites. There’s obviously still a lot that’s missing and I’m not suggesting that all carbon frames are made the same way (far from it), but it’s a good starting point on wrapping your mind around this labor-intensive and utterly unique process. Building a bike from carbon fiber sheets is about as similar to TIG welding as ostriches are to oranges.

Check it out.