Best trick at the Telekom Best Trick Contest

“When you come out of that window, the crowd gets you so pumped!”

Eight meters above the ground, riders fly across the 15 meter gap in the Big Air District in front of a sea of cheering spectators. This is a unique opportunity for the world's best freeride mountain bike athletes to use the massive airtime to pull off their biggest tricks. "When you come out of that window, the crowd gets you so pumped!" said Best Trick winner, Szymon Godziek.

During the 60-minute jam session, riders had the choice to hit two kickers. Three riders in particular used the opportunity to go really big at this huge urban event.

According to German youngster Lukas Knopf, who laid down a clean double tailwhip: "If thousands of spectators are shouting your name, it really pushes you to give the best you have. That's the unique thing for me about Red Bull District Ride.”

Nicholi Rogatkin (USA), appeared very comfortable on the gigantic jump. So much so, he pleased the crowd with his biggest-ever signature trick – the cashroll. Nicholi was a worthy contender, but the star of the show was Polish rider Szymon Godziek with his breathtaking tsunami flip. Inspired from freestyle motocross, this massive trick sealed the deal and gave the judges no choice but to award him the victory.

"I am stoked that I landed a tsunami flip for the first time in a contest this evening", said the 22-year-old.

After winning the Telekom Best Trick Contest, Szymon feels confident for Saturday's main event finals. The athletes will be back on the urban track for the grande finale of Red Bull District Ride. With the biggest points up for grabs on this Big Air District – all eyes will be on this huge jump set up on main square.

The Red Bull District Ride finals will be broadcasted live tomorrow starting from 3 pm (CEST) on