UCI Downhill Champ, Aaron Gwin, has a big target on his back these days. Winning will do that for you. If this video is any indication, a lot of racers are going to have to get up real early in the morning to take this guy down.

Here’s a quote from the video that kind of says it all, “Am I the best rider in the world?” Gwin pauses for a moment here before continuing. “I would say, yeah. For right now, just based on standings I'm kind of the dude to beat. You know I'm lucky to be where I'm at. I'm enjoying it but at the same time I'm stoked and it's cool to be able to say that you are the best rider in the world at a given time in life.”

If all of that sounds cocky, watch the video. It’s kind of hard not to, right. Damn. This dude is insanely fast and smooth.