Coupe de France Enduro Series Blausasc 2014 from urgebike on Vimeo.

Florian Nicolaî, with Rocky Mountain Urge BP Rally Team, dominated the field at the first round of the 2014 French Cup Enduro as he won 8 “scratch” times on 8 stages through the weekend in front of his teammate Alex Cure. Nico Quéré, with Commencal, took 3rd.

On the ladies side, Cecile Ravanel, with GT Pulsion, took the win in front of Isabeau Courdurier, with Rocky Mountain – Urge BP Rally. Morgane Jonnier, with Fox Service Center France – Rocky, took 3rd.

Sébastien Claquin won the junior field and Yannick Sénéchal won the master field.

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