Fun is just a three-letter word for distraction. In this day and age of racing, you have to be focused, dedicated and willing to sacrifice anything that will get in the way of you and the top step of that podium. Fun may be the reason you threw a leg over your bike and charged it down the scariest, fastest and biggest lines you could in the first place, but fun alone can't make you faster. Having fun on your bike may give us an escape from the everyday mundane, fun may give you a chance to experience something that many are not brave enough to attempt. Fun can't make you faster.

Troy Brosnan walked away from the last round of the UCI World Cup Downhill as the new overall leader going into the recent month-long break. He has spent the last month having nothing but fun on his bike. Exploring new terrain, challenging himself to new environments and conditions, pushing harder than ever, all in the sprit of fun. As Troy enters the next round of the World Cup this weekend in Mont-Saint-Anne, he will do so for the first time with all eyes on him – as the leader, not a follower. A leader who has been out having nothing but fun doing what he loves on two wheels. But fun can't make you faster.

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