Trippin’ Winter rides the Isle of Skye

The Trippin’ boys attempt an escape from the clutches of winter by heading West to the Coast of Scotland. They initially encounter equally bad weather, but the skies clear up and they get in some incredible riding.

From EpicTV:
With the Cairngorms rapidly filling with snow, the Trippin’ crew, including Ali Parkin, Toby Pantling, Sam Flanagan and Joe Flanagan, head across the country to the wild West Coast of Scotland and the Isle of Skye. Bad weather terrorizes the beginning of the week and mutiny is close, but at the last minute the clouds lift and the winter sun warms the backs of these hearty mountain bikers while revealing one of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. In the golden sunlight they find some incredibly beautiful trails and even do a little Danny Macaskill tribute on some of the island’s iconic ridges.