Trans-Cascadia was held in Washington for the first time this year, taking place on 45 miles of trail that few tires had seen before. Long climbs meant long descents, and there was plenty of loamy goodness to go around on fresh trails reclaimed and rebuilt with hundreds of hours of volunteer work and years of planning. It’s hard to think of a better way they could have been christened, and judging by the videos this year, it would appear the race was another one for the books.

In the men’s race, Santa Cruz Syndicate rider Loris Vergier took the top step of the podium, followed by Francois Bailly-Maitre in second and another Syndicate rider, Luca Shaw, took the bronze home.

The whole event might have been summed up with a few words from Vergier on the last day. When asked what he thought about Trans-Cascadia, Vergier responded with, “Best trail, every day, every time — those corner were like ‘makes kissing noises of satisfaction.’ Yeah.”

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