Trail Doctor | How to pack your bike for a flight

Dan Milner has the lowdown on boxing your bike

There’s something very authoritative about Trail Doctor Dan Milner’s somewhat condescending accent, which makes him the perfect person to teach you how to pack your bike and have it arrive safely for your next riding adventure.

From EpicTV:
When winter hits, the lure of riding endless, exotic singletrack in warmer climes hits home. But getting your bike abroad without mishap is not guaranteed. In between you and all that amazing dusty riding stand a dozen baggage handlers and a few Nepalese taxi drivers. In 30 years of travelling to the 4 corners of the globe in search of amazing riding, pro-photographer Dan Milner has learned a thing or two about how to get your bike abroad in one piece, and in just over 2.5 minutes he’s giving you the lowdown.

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