Tracy Moseley – Life on a Bike

Moseley talks about achieving a long career on her bike

As a downhill world champion and multiple time Enduro World Series champion, Tracy Moseley knows what it means to spend her life on a bike. Being able to adapt has been one of Tracy’s defining attributes in a sport where so many riders grab 5 minutes of glory before quietly fading from the limelight.

Now Tracy's focus is beginning to shift more into a mountain biking icon and voice for woman around the world. She pushes the rise of women in mountain biking by encouraging young girls and women of all ages to get on a bike, have fun, and challenge themselves. Tracy’s riding has gone full circle—from the pressures of racing EWS and chasing victories on all corners of the globe to simply enjoying riding trails she’s known for two decades. And don't forget that she still races in select Enduros and DH events, dominating the field most of the time.

Tracy Moseley rides Tweed Valley in Scotland.