“Sudden enlightenment” is one of a few definitions for the word “Satori.” The Japanese Buddhist term also may refer to the first step one takes on the path to enlightenment. Or, it can mean to see into one’s true nature.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to apply any of these definitions to Jake Hood’s second day riding the Satori, Kona’s new 29-inch trail bike. A Queenstown, New Zealand bike mechanic, Jake’s oneness with the Satori was certainly sudden. He took a day to get used to it, and this edit was filmed the day after. And we’re just getting to know the Satori, so this edit is truly one of the first steps. Ryan Palmer only got us his first impressions on the Satori just last month. We’re expecting to hear a lot of this bike’s mantra in the coming years. And to the unenlightened, the true nature of the Satori might be elusive given its 29-inch wheels, moderate travel, and climbing-oriented 78-degree seat angle. But Jake has seen into the bike’s true nature. Watch him shred some eightfold paths in this video.