This video was produced in partnership with Michelin and the MICHELIN® Defender® LTX® tire. With a projected 85,000-mile tread life and a 70,000-mile warranty, the MICHELIN® Defender® LTX® tire is the perfect tire for any long weekend adventure.

The weekend road trip; bail from the work week early, spend each day cramming in every adventure you can think of and return just in time for work Monday morning. The long weekend is a bit of a cliché, but for good reason. It’s romanticized and fantasized over alike, the ultimate respite from reality extending the usual two days into a multi-day extravaganza of fun.

California’s Eastern Sierra’s offers a perfect place to host a range of activities from biking, hiking, fishing and kayaking. Extending 250 miles north to south, the mountain range offers steep, granite-filled slopes with numerous lakes and rivers flowing out of the high, snow-capped peaks. Sparsely populated, it’s easy to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and hide deep within the valleys, exploring by bike or your own two feet. For many, a few days on the road amidst these mountains, with the company of good friends, is all it takes to recharge the batteries for the long week ahead. Just be careful, you might find that when you leave, the mountains call you back — and you’ll go — time and time again.

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