Testing Hope’s new cranks | It’s grim up North

From Hope Technology:

What better way to test our nicely designed and manufactured Hope Cranks than to send two of the most stylish riders we know out to play in the "grim" northern countryside.

Day 1:
Helvellyn hike-a-bike + Swirral's edge + snow + 100mph winds = failed attempt

Swirral Edge wasn't necessarily the problem. It was the 100mph gusts in the "dip of doom" which caused the guys some issues, spoiling the prospects of a Stick's Pass descent.

It's Grim up north

"It's grim up north they say….you're right, it might be grim up north – but we bloody love it!"

It's Grim up north

First up was Helvellyn. Now some might think, Helvellyn…in January…? I think Sam and Craig thought the same once up there!

It's grim up north

it's grim up north

Day 2:
Helvellyn + Sticks Pass

Whilst the winds had died down the snow certainly hadn't disappeared. Opting for a "safer" ascent and descent up Stick's Pass the boys found the riding conditions were probably just as testing as the previous day.

it's grim up north

it's grim up north

Day 3:
Wharncliffe Woods

The boys moved south in search of fairer climates with woods and a little bit of dirt.